When you don’t know what you don’t know

Who has their hands on the levers of power?

How are government decisions made?

Who are the decision makers?

Gravitas professionals know how and where government decisions are made, getting client issues to the right people at the right time.  We understand the legislative process, and how public opinion, special interest groups and the media can de-rail initiatives. We help keep client issues at the forefront, increasing their favourable outcomes.


How much is your CEO’s time worth an hour? Senior executives attempting to contact busy government officials encounter frustrating weeks and months of unanswered letters and email , eventual meetings with staff who have little authority to help, and vague promises of another meeting – just before the official is moved to another job.

When you face a roadblock or are hit with the unintended consequences of a government initiative is the worst time to be asking to meet elected officials for the first time.

Governments are a risk factor for business.

The unintended consequences of regulations and legislation can be devastating to organizations.

We recommend a review of all regulatory and governmental risks to operations, and potential opportunities with a dollar value attached to each, and that government relations be budgeted and managed in the same way as any other operational risk.

Government Relations is about relationships. They take time: months and even years to develop.   Gravitas professionals will assist senior executives connect with key decision-makers in governments to begin new relationships and nurture them, framing their issues in the public interest.