2022-2023: Canada Facing a Year of Unknowns

Will we turn the corner on COVID-19 hospitalizations, and slowly return to social and economic normalcy, or will some new variant demand renewed government restrictions?

What organizations will benefit in the April federal budget?

How will the government’s five-year growth plan affect your organization?

Will the government learn the hard lessons from the pandemic, such as our national shortages of doctors, nurses personal protecting equipment manufacturing and hospital capacities, or quickly forget, leaving Canada vulnerable to a repeat in the future?

Will Canada’s strategic energy sources be recognized as amongst the cleanest available and utilized to provide economic stability to our democratic allies?

How will your concerns be heard?

The new normal.

Business and community leaders need direction, and faith in our future. The federal government needs credible private sector partners to address crises. Above all, organizations need to connect with decision makers to avoid unintended consequences of government actions.

Terence Young served in Canada’s Parliament as MP with PM Stephen Harper from 2008-2015 as a respected parliamentarian and collaborator who worked in a non-partisan way to support parliamentary efforts of others.