Ontario in 2021. Uncharted Waters.

The Government of Ontario has the largest sub-national debt in the world. COVID-19 has created a new normal and a major recession. Small businesses need help. Social gatherings are cancelled. Mental health issues and addictions related to isolation have multiplied. Consumer debt is the highest in history.

Municipalities face crowded shelters, growing numbers of COVID-19 cases, strained resources in hospitals and unprecedented deficits. They need infrastructure and affordable housing, and injections of federal funds to fight the pandemic.  

With new vaccines rolling out, the economy will expand this year. The government will be looking for ways to accelerate that expansion. Now is the time to get your messages out.   

What will happen next?

In a crisis, governments are required to consider a broad range of policy initiatives which may or may not ever come to fruition. They need unvarnished, accurate information from stakeholders, provided in circumstances of trust and confidentiality.

Gravitas professionals connect with decision makers at the Legislative Assembly and municipalities. We provide a candid appraisal of client initiatives in the context of government priorities, and strategize to position them at the forefront of the public interest.

Terence H. Young is highly respected at Queen’s Park as a former MPP with Premier Mike Harris, Parliamentary Assistant to The Minister of Education for Colleges and Universities, Chair of the Standing Committee on Finance, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance, as a Founding Vice-Chair of the Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians, and as a trusted source of information in the public interest on a variety of issues.