2021: a Year of Hope.

COVID-19 has shut down travel, small businesses and social gatherings. Daily new cases are in the thousands.  But vaccines to fight COVID are rolling out. A major recession grips the world. Parliament was suspended, and now operates remotely. Our federal deficit has never been higher and will be with us for decades. We may be facing a spring election. Now is a time the federal government may listen.   

How will your issues be heard?


The new normal.

Business and community leaders need direction, and faith in our future. The federal government needs credible private sector partners to address crises. Above all, organizations need to connect with decision makers to avoid unintended consequences of government actions.

Terence Young served in Canada’s Parliament as MP with PM Stephen Harper from 2008-2015 where he was known for the passage of Vanessa’s Law, but also as a respected parliamentarian and activist who worked in a non-partisan way to support parliamentary efforts of others.